Pot Bag

As I have previously said I do a lot of camping as a leader with the Girl Guides. When we go camping everyone has to bring their own cutlery and crockery to eat with, these are usually all left in the kitchen or dining area in bags. The bags are called Pot Bags I assume because they used to also carry the pots and pans. If you know why please let me know.

Frequently people make their own personalised pot bags or guide groups will make them all together.

I made this as an example to the guides as we were making them together before our camp. It’s made from a pillowcase cut down and folded over at the top to make a hole for the ribbon to go through to make a drawstring. I decorated it with flowers cut from different fabrics and embroidering green stems on to them. I also added my name as it always helps on a campsite to have everything you own labeled with your name. Also I frequently have spare cutlery and crockery in my bag so I tell the girls to find my bag if they need to borrow anything so my name being on it prevents them accidentally taking other people’s things.




My flatmate’s brother had a baby recently (well his wife did) and my flatmate asked if I could make a toy for the new baby.

I found the pattern for the frog here: http://www.colouredbuttons.com/2011/08/froggy.html

We tried to pick high contrast coloured fabrics as babys like that and the stripped yellow fabric looks like the scaled tummy and the purple looks skin like. I would have used buttons for eyes but not for a baby so I used the yellow fabric again and purple thread for the pupils.

As it’s for a baby I stuffed it with stuffing rather than beans, I also added some cherry pits in a bag in the tummy. These heat up and stay hot when you microwave them and they are natural. This means they can warm the toy for the baby in her cot.

Camping Mug Warmer

I go camping a lot with the Girl Guides as a leader and no matter when you make a cup of tea or coffee you won’t be drinking it hot!! I always take my metal camping mugs as they are pretty indestructible for a campsite but don’t keep the drink warm for you and I don’t want to have to buy a thermos or something else, but I also like their classic look.

The idea to make a warmer came from a friend who made one for her mug, it also helps differentiate your mug from all the others (useful when you send one of the girls to fetch your drink).

I selected a number of fabrics with creams and earthy tones, with the idea they won’t look dirty straight away and owls seem very appropriate for camping. I padded the warmer with thin wadding and backed it with thick weaved cotton which should be good for insulating the mug. The button is mother of pearl as I inherited a whole load of buttons and it went with my natural theme. I was going to quilt it more but I liked the simple look to it and as it’s quite small it probably doesn’t need it!

The elastic helps keep the warmer wrapped around the mug and the warmer it self makes holding the metal mug more comfortable to hold when you have just made a cup. I do find the drink stays warmer and so do my hands! It also adds a bit of joy to your break.

Coming soon a picture of it on camp!!

Napkin Rings

Last year my mam was dropping very un-subtle hints she would like one of my cupcake pin cushions for her birthday, I didn’t really think this was enough for a birthday present so was really trying to find something else to get or make her. She has a set of 4 mother of pearl napkin rings I think she has had forever but they are very nice, the problem is there are 5 of us and with partners that can rise to 8 without anyone else coming over. So I thought I could make her a set of napkin rings she could use so that everyone could have a matching one, as currently the 5th and 6th etc person gets some pearlescent plastic rings to go with the mother of pearl ones.

I decided on the colours by matching them to her placemats, which she has 2 sets one of dark green with gold edging and a navy blue set also with gold edging. So it became clear I was needing to have gold edging then I found a selection of lovely green and blue fabics and backed it in some plain green fabric I had from Christmas.

I was following a pattern but must have gone wrong somewhere so ended up with napkins twice as long as I needed so I just cut them in half so there are 2 designs for the napkins but I think this is a bonus really.The gold buttons were also from christmas but they work really well here as they match the gold ricrac edging. It also helps with indicating where the popper is.

The reverse is plain and has one of my name labels in. I decided to add poppers to the napkins for a number of reasons. Mostly it was for ease of use, I imagined trying to push a fabric napkin through the fabric ring and the ring just inverting! So I added a popper means you could just wrap the ring around the napkin. Also it makes storing them easier as they can be kept flat in a drawer so they don’t take up much space or get creased between uses.

This shows the napkin ring in use, you can just see the placemats in the corner that a navy and gold. My mam was very happy with them and now uses them instead of her mother of pearl ones! I also made 10 of them so it should cover our needs at the moment at least….!

Peg Bag

I described this as quilted but in the ended decided not to quilt it as it looked fine without padding.

I used a main feature fabric and 2 fabrics which complimented it but were less patterned. I love this flower fabric it’s really jolly and fun. The front seems are edged in different ribbons and trims all matching the colour theme. So I have white ric rac, yellow and white boat ribbon and some white and pink lace daisies.

The strap is padded to add strength and rigidity to the strap as it will be pulled along the washing line.

The back has strips of the 3 fabrics as well but I didn’t add the ribbons to this side. The pattern I was following said to have a plain back with a single fabric but as this would be hanging from a wishing line I thought it would be a bit too dull as the back would be seen all the time

The inside of the bag is lined with a light white cotton which goes with the colour scheme of the outside, also the small flowers match the flowers on the outside. Also, as ever, I have my Lottie Label in the bag!

Here the bag is in it’s natural environment!I

used an oversize purple button on the bag to basically display where the popper fastening is underneath. This popper allows you to clip the bag over the washing line. I love the design and shape of this bag, the wide top allows easy access to the pegs and is much prettier than those peg bags based around a hanger!

I am glad I didn’t quilt it as the light streaming through the bag really lights it up!

Letters for a Baby’s Bedroom

My cousin was having a baby and his partner was wanting some letters to hang in the baby’s room to decorate it, but was having trouble finding exactly what she wanted. So I said I had no problem making her some to her specifications.

They had a little boy who’s initials are J J so she wanted two letter J’s in patchwork and in mostly blue for a little boy, with something to hang them up with.

I made myself a J template and found a jelly roll in John Lewis of baby fabrics and added the blue gingham.

After that they are quite simple; I sewed together the patchwork design on the front and back (I think it’s important to have the back as pretty as the front especially with something for a baby as they may decided to play with it so it will never be purely decorative). Then sewed the 2 halves together and stuffed them. I have some ribbon at the top so they could be hung up.

As ever I attached one of my labels, this time I hid it at the back so can’t be seen from the front, not even just sticking out the side.

I Don’t have a picture of these hanging in their natural habitat but I think I will ask my cousin to send me one as it’s always nice to see the things I make in use!

Stuffed Bunny Toy


I made this bunny for my cousins new born baby. Its a simple design using 3 different fabrics; one for the front and back of the ears, a second for the 2 sides and the front of the ears and a final one for the base.

This pattern is from here:                                                                                                                                                                                             http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/wee_wonderfuls/store/wee-bunny.html

Its a cute quite quick little pattern.


The back has a little bobble tail added on in the fabric matching the front of the bunny.

As this was for a baby I didn’t add buttons for the eyes I just embroidered them on with the nose and mouth.


Christmas Stockings

I made my family matching Christmas Stockings last Christmas, as we are all adults now they were more decorative than practical but they can still be used, and they were used. We even hung them up on the fireplace to full traditional effect!

After seeing these my Aunt asked if I could make her some for her grandchildren as she loved them so much, as a commission not as a kind gesture. I was only really going to charge her for the materials but in the end she gave me more. My cousins loved them and so did their children.

The fronts are mostly quilted patchwork, with the 3 Christmas fabrics. I loved some fabric I found with a repeating pattern of festive pictures so I used them as a feature on the stockings as I thought it added a lot to the design as otherwise they would have been a bit dull. I probably added too much detail to them as it would have made my life easier, but I added Christmas ribbon along the top, and 2 lines of quilting parallel to each seam in green and red threads.

The letters are felt and have contrasting chain-stitched thread to secure them. I found some metallic thread which looks great but was a pain to work with.

I quilted the backs diagonally to be a bit more interesting and different from the fronts. I used more of the festive pictures to add detail around my name tape on the back. I try and add a nametape to everything I make.

I also added a loop of ribbon so they can he hung up, I wanted to use the same ribbon as the front but I ran out so used a similar one instead.

These are completely my own design. Many times I will used patterns or designs I find online or in books but couldn’t find anything I liked so drew myself a template and played around with fabrics and designs until I had one I liked. This is probably why it has so many parts to it as I was  making it up as I was going along.

Hello again!

Sorry for the massive absence I have been dealing with a lot of work and other problems, but I have now returned! I can also fill you in on all the projects I have completed since I was last online.

When I was last on I had the following projects on the go:

  • 4 Christmas Stockings
  • Stuffed Bunny Toy
  • 2 Decorative Padded Letters for a Baby’s Room
  • Quilted Peg Bag

So I can go through each project as I have now completed them all and let you know what else I am working on.

Owl Cuddley Toy – Hedwig

This is quite old now but he’s cute and I wanted to add him too.

When I was about 14 I was helping at a Brownie group and we had a Harry Potter themed holiday. This was when the Harry Potter books had first come out and I even remember some people saying we shouldn’t have a holiday with a Harry Potter theme as it was promoting witchcraft….

Anyway on the holiday we did a number of games and activities and one of the things we did was to sew Hedwig owl cuddley toy.

This is the one I made with the Brownies to help show them how to do it themselves. It’s made from furry fabrics with a felt beak and teddy bear eyes and all stuffed.

Unfortunately I don’t think I sewed him up very well as the bottom came undone a while ago. The wings are a bit wonky as well but you can’t quite see from this angle.

This was the first time I had properly made something except for cross stitch pictures. It was like a watershed moment realising things can be made and not just bought so this is probably a very important creation.